It’s a Playground, Not a Fashion Show

You wake up in the morning to the sounds of a crying baby, desperately calling out for your attention. You rush to soothe her befostylish kid on backyard playsetre she wakes her older siblings as it’s only 5:30 in the morning and you’re not ready for that kind of day.

You bring the baby downstairs and keep her happy until a more reasonable hour for the bigger kids to get up (if 7:00 is considered reasonable) and then the madness begins. Breakfast gets made, arguments are mediated, lost shoes are found, hair and teeth are brushed, that load of laundry you forgot about in the washer gets restarted, and the older kids are finally out the door to catch the bus.

Phew! It’s a beautiful day, so you leave the dishes behind and decide to take the baby to the park. Of course, during the morning melee there wasn’t even five minutes in there for you to shower and wash off yesterday’s makeup, let alone find just the right outfit and matching accessories. All you’ve got is a baby wipe for your face and clean yoga pants.

Who Has Time for Style?

Knowing that your kids are a priority, it seems a little nuts that your style would be questioned on the playground. Even these celebrities, who probably have a wardrobe and makeup team on standby, can’t get a style break when they’re trying to get a little sunshine with their little ones. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a private playground set where yoga pants and spit-up shoulders are part of the dress code?

The Perfect Solution: Childrens Outdoor Playsets

Our big wooden playsets come with everything that the park has to offer: swing sets, slides, safe places to climb, and sunshine. They also come with one thing the park will never have: privacy. Instead of wasting time on your wardrobe, you can get right to the fun, and nobody will be around to judge your sense of style.

When the big kids get home from school, all the kids can head into the backyard and tire each other out on our wooden outdoor playsets. They can all play in the yard together – right where you can keep an eye on everyone – and you might even be able to prepare a hot meal that doesn’t involve chicken nuggets. If you play your cards right, the kids will be tired after having so much fun and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to take a shower when everyone is tucked in for the night.

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