Our Products:

Backyard Fun Factory uses the ASTM Standard 1148 as a guideline for designing our play systems.

  • Backyard Fun Factory play systems are made in the USA.
  • We use quality California Redwood, which is the industry-preferred swing set lumber.
  • Our playsets are constructed with 2×6 floor boards, 4×4 support beams, and 4×6 swing beams which far exceeds the ASTM Standard 1148.
  • We install 4×4 gussets in all four corners of the main structure to give your playset added strength.
  • To reduce splintering, the edges and ends of each wood component are routered and molded.
  • Each board is individually dipped and scrubbed with stain to allow for a deeper penetration of stain before assembly.
  • We only use screws and bolts for the installation of your playset.
  • Floor screws are installed from the bottom of the flooring to prevent splinter pockets.
  • To minimize splitting, wall slats are pre-drilled.
  • Doors are built with door frames to prevent sagging.
  • Our playsets are built in panelized sections for easy disassembly for storage in garages or storage facilities.



At Backyard Fun Factory we understand the importance of protecting our children and we design our play systems to promote a safe, fun environment for our children.

  • We use a semi-transparent redwood stain that is specifically blended for playsets.
  • We use powder-coated hand rails and plastisol covered chains on our swing accessories for added safety.
  • We install grab handles on our deck ladders and side rails on our boardwalks.
  • Bolt holes are counter sunk to reduce injury to children.
  • Sunbursts are installed at the roof peaks to provide additional shade on the open slat forts, protecting your child from the sun.



Backyard Fun Factory builds a modular playset that is easily manipulated to fit in most residential locations with level and unlevel terrain.

  • Customers have the opportunity to assist in the designing of the layout of their playset purchase.
  • Our playsets are built to grow with the child through adding upper/lower levels and bridging to additional forts.
  • Backyard Fun Factory offers a unique design through the use of the Crooked Windows and the whimsical Curved Roof.